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Onwards and Upwards

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25 years to eternity

  • Author Lizzie White

When a young Christian teacher, active and well-loved in his community, was killed during a traffic accident, his mother Lizzie found herself struggling to make sense of all that had happened, particularly from a faith perspective


Accidental Allan

  • Author Heather Wilson

Allan has had enough of being clumsy and makes a plan to avoid further disasters. But will it work?


Autumn devotional (Times of refreshing)

  • Author Ruth Gregg

Ruth Gregg combines deep biblical insight with light-hearted anecdotes to inspire and challenge us in our daily walk with the Lord


Child of mine

  • Author Marianne Edwins

The autobiography of Marianne Edwins, founder of Action on Homelessness


Deborah and Jael

  • Author Lucy Rycroft
  • Pub Date 01/10/2020

The story of Deborah and Jael, retold for 5-7 year olds


Destined for faith

  • Author Matthew Siddle
  • Pub Date 01/10/2017

The story of a young footballer whose life takes a very different path in the aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster


Face the future book 2

  • Author William A M Cutting

Short stories, anecdotes, jokes and practical advice for Seniors


Get up Create Break out

  • Author Veronica Anthony

A Christian guide to career development, with an emphasis on women in business