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3 mile an hour God

  • Author Kosuke Koyama
  • Pub Date 31/08/2021

Kosuke Koyama reflects beautifully on a theme lost to western theology and western culture in general - the need for slowness


Being interrupted

  • Author Al Barrett & Ruth Harley
  • Pub Date 30/11/2020

Re-imagining the church's mission from the outside, in


Blessed are the poor?

  • Author Laurie Green
  • Pub Date 30/06/2015

Listening intently to what the poor have to say is Laurie Green's way into a new study of Jesus' most famous Beatitude - Blessed are the poor


Christianity rediscovered

  • Author Vincent Donovan
  • Pub Date 30/05/2019

More than just a classic missionary story, a call to a radical redefinition of what we mean when we talk about mission


Church in life

  • Author Michael Moynagh
  • Pub Date 27/07/2017

A key text for all interested in pioneer ministry, fresh expressions, church planting, church growth and ecclesiology


First expressions

  • Author Steve Taylor
  • Pub Date 31/12/2019

Offers a unique insight into the long-term sustainability of fresh expressions


Instruments of Christ's Love

  • Author Tovey Buck and Dodds
  • Pub Date 30/07/2016

The ministry of readers. There are approximately 10,000 Readers in the Church of England, many serving in parishes, taking services and preaching as well as doing pastoral work, while others engage in a variety of other roles.


Missio Dei in a digital age

  • Author Jonas Kurlberg Peter Phillips
  • Pub Date 30/12/2020

A timely exploration of the implications of digitality for missio Dei in thought and practice