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Broken planet

  • Author Sharon Dirckx
  • Pub Date 16/02/2023

Tackles the natural problem of evil, and why God allows natural suffering, with credibility and compassion


Chasing proof, Finding faith

  • Author Tom Rudelius
  • Pub Date 08/08/2023

A young scientist’s search for truth in a world of uncertainty


Christianity: A guide for the perplexed

  • Author Keith Ward
  • Pub Date 05/03/2007

A systematic guide to the Christian faith, from the big bang through the Old Testament to the New and beyond


Confronting Christianity

  • Author Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Pub Date 30/04/2019

This book explores 12 issues that might cause someone to dismiss orthodox Christianity


Does God believe in Atheists

  • Author John Blanchard
  • Pub Date 29/07/2015

A brilliant defense of belief in God


Essential Christianity

  • Author J D Greear
  • Pub Date 01/02/2023

What is Christianity really all about?


Evidence that demands a verdict (Anglicised version)

  • Author Josh & Sean McDowell
  • Pub Date 15/01/2018

This is a book that invites readers to bring their doubts and doesn't shy away from the tough questions


Humbler faith, bigger God

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 30/03/2022

Explores the key tenets of Christian belief by engaging with the most widely used arguments against religious faith


If Christianity is so good, why are Christians so bad?

  • Author Mark Coppenger
  • Pub Date 01/03/2022

It is reasonable to expect that the followers of Jesus Christ would exude the same sort of moral goodness that he did. But what does it mean to be good?


Mad or God?

  • Author Pablo Martinez & Andrew Sims
  • Pub Date 19/07/2018

Mad, bad or God?' is the question posed by the CS Lewis trilemma. Here you'll find a robust defence of Jesus's mental health from two psychiatrists who dare to respond, portraying a compelling and captivating portrait of the Son of God


Making sense of God

  • Author Timothy Keller
  • Pub Date 22/09/2016

Out of print - replaced by 9781444750218 (Click here for details)


Reality and Other Stories

  • Author Peter Dray & Matt Lillicrap
  • Pub Date 18/08/2022

Discover how the stories we tell reveal our deepest desires, and point to the meaning of the reality we live in