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10 minute bible stories

  • Author Anne Adeney
  • Pub Date 18/06/2021

Perfect for ten-minute reading times for independent readers and shared reading, these ten Bible stories are retold from the perspective of characters witnessing the events of a Bible story


100 bedtime devotions (Beginners Bible)

  • Author Beginners Bible
  • Pub Date 11/07/2023

Contains 100 sweet, meaningful devotions that are fun and accessible for young children, so you can end the day by reassuring your child of God’s amazing love for them


100 best bible stories

    An essential collection of bible stories in one book


    101 devotions for girls

    • Author Rebecca Davis

    Hi girls! Take a few minutes from your day to get inspired about God


    101 devotions for guys

    • Author Rebecca Davis

    Hi Guys! Take a few minutes from your day to get inspired about God


    101 great big questions about God and science

    • Author Lizzie Henderson Steph Bryant
    • Pub Date 18/03/2022

    101 fascinating responses from leading experts in the areas of science, theology, philosophy and beyond


    30 prophecies: One story

    • Author Paul Reynolds
    • Pub Date 01/11/2019

    Thirty different places in the Bible where you can find a prophecy about Jesus


    365 bible stories

    • Author Carine Mackenzie

    With one story a day this book will give you enough Bible stories to last all year.


    365 Bible stories prayers and promises

    • Author Bethan James & Frank Endersby
    • Pub Date 01/02/2018


    40 Old Testament Stories

    • Author Andy Robb

    Enjoy snapshots from the Old Testament, which help you grasp the overall storyline of the Bible and how it is one, giant story!


    5 minute bible stories

    • Author S A Wright D Kolanovic
    • Pub Date 30/09/2021

    Forty-nine five minute Bible stories, from Creation to Pentecost ideal for story times, bedtimes or assemblies


    50 Barmiest bible stories

    • Author Andy Robb
    • Pub Date 12/10/2012

    Plenty of totally pretty barmy things happened in Bible times and here you’ll find fifty of the barmiest!