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12 ways your phone is changing you

  • Author Tony Reinke
  • Pub Date 30/04/2017

Do You Control Your Phone—Or Does Your Phone Control You?



  • Author John Lennox
  • Pub Date 02/06/2020

You don't have to be a computer scientist to get involved in the discussion about where artificial intelligence and technology are going.



  • Author Richard Reddie
  • Pub Date 19/01/2007

The struggle to abolish slavery in the British colonies



  • Author R C Sproul
  • Pub Date 15/11/2022

A rational look at an emotional subject


Abortion (Talking Points)

  • Author Vaughan Roberts Lizzie Ling
  • Pub Date 01/04/2020

Helps Christians to think biblically, speak wisely and act compassionately on the complex issue of abortion.


Abortion Euthanasia and end of life

  • Author Wayne Grudem

This short book will help all who seek to understand what the Bible teaches about these important issues that deal with human life


Age of AI The

  • Author Jason Thacker
  • Pub Date 03/03/2020

Whatever questions you have about AI, this book gives you insights on how to navigate this brand-new world as you apply God's ageless truths to your life and future


Air We Breathe The

  • Author Glen Scrivener
  • Pub Date 01/05/2022

Discover the Christian roots of the values we prize in western society

£9.99 £8.99

All in the mind?

  • Author Peter Clarke
  • Pub Date 15/05/2015

In this comprehensive book, the current state of neuroscientific evidence is weighed up alongside ideas of what it means to be human, the idea of the soul, near-death experiences, and questions of free will and responsibility.


Am i just my brain?

  • Author Sharon Dirckx
  • Pub Date 01/05/2019

Read this book to gain valuable insight into what modern research is telling us about ourselves, or to give a sceptical friend to challenge the idea that we are merely material beings living in a material world.


Ancient voices

  • Author Ann Sloane

AD79. Pompeii. A once vibrant cosmopolitan Roman city which was buried and her citizens lost in a cataclysmic event lasting two days.


And God said...

  • Author Dr Farid Abou-Rahme

Have you ever wondered if there are answers to life's most important questions? Where did we come from, where are we going, and therefore why are we here?