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Abigail and the big start over

  • Author Bethany McIlrath
  • Pub Date 01/06/2024

Fun, absorbing novel that helps kids aged 7+ to engage with the Bible as they learn that God’s grace never runs out


Accidental Allan

  • Author Heather Wilson

Allan has had enough of being clumsy and makes a plan to avoid further disasters. But will it work?


ACE survival team (Faithfinders)

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

For Luke it was exciting to be flying out of the Congo and all the way to Kenya for school.


All you need

  • Author Katie Piper
  • Pub Date 17/02/2023

Invites young readers aged 3-5 to join Teeny Mouse as she goes on a big adventure and discovers that all you need to be brave is right there inside of you


Antigone Kingsley: About last summer

  • Author Marina Magdalena
  • Pub Date 21/04/2023

The first book in the Antigone Kingsley series - a perfect companion for girls aged 10 plus going through the highs and lows of growing up


Bear that nobody wanted The

  • Author Sally Wright Krisztina Nagy
  • Pub Date 18/03/2022

Children's story based on the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector


Birthday shoes The

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

Emily Jane is from a church family but finds Jesus for herself through a series of exciting adventures


Bobby Dean and the golden egg

  • Author Aled Jones
  • Pub Date 28/04/2022

With the help of his new pal, Noel the mouse, his fantastic gang of friends, and the magic of his voice, Bobby is in for another rollercoaster ride of a school term!


Caravans and Castles

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

Sydings Adventures vol 1. Two boys, Tyler and Theo become friends as a result of being bullied in school.


Cartographer's presence The

  • Author Stephen Reed
  • Pub Date 10/03/2023

Come with Arcos as he searches for the mysterious Misaro’Deio in this fantasy adventure set in the land of Aratae’Tor.


Celery Brown and the courts of heaven (Celery Brown #4)

  • Author Karen Rosario Ingerslev

Join Celery and Ivy as they venture into the courts of Heaven


Celery Brown and the dancing tree (Celery Brown #2)

  • Author Karen Rosario Ingerslev

When prayers fail and hope starts to fade, how will Celery ever find the strength to keep dancing?