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Gender and sexuality

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Born again this way

  • Author Rachel Gilson
  • Pub Date 01/03/2020

A rich portrayal of living faithfully and happily as a Christian with same-sex attraction that paints a compelling picture of discipleship for every believer.


Does the bible affirm same-sex relationships?

  • Author Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Pub Date 01/05/2024

Examines the arguments used to claim that the Bible affirms same-sex relationships.


Dwelling in the land

  • Author Jeanette Howard
  • Pub Date 15/10/2015

If you struggle with same-sex attraction, or know someone who does, then this book is for you.



  • Author Preston Sprinkle
  • Pub Date 01/02/2021

Compassionate, biblical, thought-provoking, and accessible guide for Christians who want help navigating issues related to the transgender conversation



  • Author Katia Adams
  • Pub Date 01/09/2019

Can women and men both lead, or are they designed for different roles? This question has been a topic of heated debate and controversy for many years, with implications for the Church and society.


Gay girl good God

  • Author Jackie Hill Perry
  • Pub Date 09/03/2018

Read in order to understand. Read in order to hope. Or read in order, like Jackie, to be made new.


Gender ideology

  • Author Sharon James
  • Pub Date 01/11/2019

What do Christians need to know?


Gender revolution The

  • Author Patricia Weerakoon

A biblical, biological and compassionate response


Is God anti-gay?

  • Author Sam Allberry
  • Pub Date 01/03/2023

A sensitive exploration of the Bible's teaching on sex and relationships, and how the gospel is good news for everyone, whatever their sexual orientation


Love means love

  • Author David Runcorn
  • Pub Date 18/06/2020

Explores how someone for whom the Bible is central can hold an including view of same-sex relationships and marriage on the basis of the biblical text


People to be loved

  • Author Preston Sprinkle

Challenges those on all sides of the homosexuality debate to consider what the Bible says and how we should approach the topic of in light of it


Permanent faithful stable

  • Author Jeffrey John

Jeffrey John explores the meaning and context of the mentions of homosexuality in the Bible and also considers the moral arguments.