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10 commandments The

  • Author Kevin DeYoung

Are the 10 Commandments still relevant today?


10 The

  • Author Dr Robert Jeffress
  • Pub Date 28/11/2023

How to live and love in a world that has lost its way


100 ways to simplify your life

  • Author Joyce Meyer
  • Pub Date 12/05/2015

Many want a simple life, but find it difficult to actually live that way.


12 Things God Can't Do

  • Author Nick Tucker
  • Pub Date 01/06/2022

A book on God’s greatness that helps you to trust him, grow in faith and live confidently


15 verses to pray for your husband

  • Author Elizabeth George

The greatest way to love your husband? Be a praying wife


20 ways to make every day better

  • Author Joyce Meyer
  • Pub Date 05/04/2018

Bestselling author Joyce Meyer shares powerful, practical ways to experience a new level of joy and excitement about life every day.


3 mile an hour God

  • Author Kosuke Koyama
  • Pub Date 31/08/2021

Kosuke Koyama reflects beautifully on a theme lost to western theology and western culture in general - the need for slowness



  • Author Jarrod Cooper
  • Pub Date 02/10/2017

500 years after the dawn of the Reformation, Jarrod Cooper asks if we are entering a new Church Age?


A call less ordinary

  • Author Richard Wilson
  • Pub Date 20/02/2020

Why Your Purpose Matters


A place at the table

  • Author Miranda Harris & Jo Swinney
  • Pub Date 15/09/2022

A heart-warming invitation into a life of thoughtful food preparation, shared meals and meaningful conversation



  • Author Warren Wiersbe

Understanding the secrets of living for Jesus


Accidental pilgrim The

  • Author Maggie Dawn
  • Pub Date 21/06/2012

Illustrated throughout The accidental pilgrim is a compelling invitation to all on the journey of faith.