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Lent courses

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A Jesus Easter

  • Author Barbara Reaoch
  • Pub Date 01/02/2022

Celebrate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with this family devotional


Another story must begin

  • Author Jonathan Meyer
  • Pub Date 01/12/2013

A Lent course based on Victor Hugo's Les Miserables


Beautiful friendship A

  • Author Paul Kerensa & Zoe Young
  • Pub Date 01/11/2014

A Lent course based on the classic movie Casablanca.


Caring for Creation (York Course 2021)

    The human race is facing its greatest challenge: the threat to the environment and climate change. Faith in our Creator God should enable us to see what is actually happening.


    Christ and the Chocolaterie

    • Author Hilary Brand

    An original, innovative and lively Lent course inspired by the film Chocolat


    Christ and the Chocolaterie (2024 edn)

    • Author Hilary Brand
    • Pub Date 01/01/2024

    Updated edition of this original and innovative Lent course


    Exploring God's mercy

    • Author Steven Croft
    • Pub Date 29/10/2010

    Five sessions for small groups focusing on five images of salvation


    Exploring the void

    • Author Nicolas Calver

    Exploring the Void is a Lent course based on the internationally-acclaimed film Touching the Void.


    Feast or famine

    • Author Simon Barrow
    • Pub Date 01/11/2017

    How the Gospel challenges austerity - a five-week Ekklesia Lent course for groups and individuals


    Finding a voice

    • Author Hilary Brand
    • Pub Date 01/12/2011

    Brilliant five week Lent course for individuals and groups, based on the Oscar-winning film 'The King's Speech'.


    Finding Jesus in the Psalms

    • Author Barb Rosse
    • Pub Date 01/12/2022

    A meaningful encounter with Jesus and the Psalms through the season of Lent with Barb Roose


    From now on

    • Author Rachel Mann

    A Lent Course on Hope and Redemption in The Greatest Showman