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12 ways your phone is changing you

  • Author Tony Reinke
  • Pub Date 30/04/2017

Do You Control Your Phone—Or Does Your Phone Control You?


Online mission and ministry

  • Author Pam Smith
  • Pub Date 19/02/2015

A user-friendly guide to doing ministry and mission online for existing and new practitioners.


Plugged in

  • Author Daniel Strange
  • Pub Date 01/01/2019

Be equipped to engage with culture and use it for God.


Raising children in a digital age

  • Author Bex Lewis
  • Pub Date 21/02/2004

Equipping children to thrive and survive in the digital jungle


Sacred art of joking The

  • Author James Cary
  • Pub Date 17/01/2019

A funny, informative book that gives the reader an insight into how comedy works and reveals why it’s so easy to get wrong (especially in the realm of religion)


Social Media (What does the bible really say about...)

  • Author David Clark

What, you may ask, can a book written 2000 or more years ago on scrolls of parchment possibly have to say to us about social media?


Time and relative dimensions in faith

  • Author Andrew Crome & James McGrath

An in-depth analysis of the various treatments of religion throughout every era of Dr Who’s history.


Too much information?

  • Author Andrew Graystone
  • Pub Date 30/09/2019

Ten essential questions for digital Christians


Track: Technology

  • Author John Perritt

Helpful suggestions for how to use technology to glorify God in our lives.


Will you be my facebook friend?

  • Author Tim Chester

In just a few years, Facebook has gone from nothing to a major feature of modern life. In this book Tim Chester tackles some of the challenges that social networking can present.