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Friend of God

  • Author John Lennox
  • Pub Date 18/01/2024

This richly detailed account of the life and times of Abraham adds life and depth to our understanding of this pivotal figure in God's plan of salvation - both for us and for the whole world

£16.99 £15.29

How to preach

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 29/09/2023

Times, seasons, texts and contexts

£22.99 £20.69

Intergenerational prayer cards

  • Pub Date 31/03/2022

52 cards offer 52 different prompts for creative prayer

£4.99 £4.49

Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on prayer

  • Author C S Lewis

In this final book written before his death, C. S. Lewis continue to challenge readers to revisit the power of prayer in our everyday lives

£8.99 £8.09


  • Author Richard Harries
  • Pub Date 08/09/2023

Reflections on the life of Christ with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, featuring paintings from the Royal Collection

£19.99 £17.99

On mission with Jesus

  • Author Graham Cray
  • Pub Date 31/01/2024

Changing the default seteting of the church - Fress Expressions 20 years on

£18.99 £17.09

Practicing the way

  • Author John Mark Comer
  • Pub Date 16/01/2024

Do you feel like there's more to life than this? You're right. And this book will help you discover and cultivate the countercultural practices to connect you with a vibrant lifelong faith

£16.99 £15.29

Prodigal prophet

  • Author Timothy Keller

Out of print - replaced by paperback - click here for details

£12.99 £11.69

Resourcing rural ministry

  • Author Simon Martin
  • Pub Date 20/11/2015

An in-depth exploration of the key aspects, challenges and opportunities of mission in a rural church

£8.99 £8.09

Rewilding the church

  • Author Steve Aisthorpe
  • Pub Date 30/07/2020

What might happen if we put less faith in our strategies and plans, which inevitably depend on our own capabilities and resources, and allow the Spirit to lead us beyond our capacity to imagine

£16.99 £15.29

Serving without sinking

  • Author John Hindley

Shows busy Christians how to serve joyfully, not wearily

£8.99 £8.09

The Robot Will See You Now

  • Author John Wyatt & Stephen Williams
  • Pub Date 15/07/2021

Explores developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, and considers how Christians can prepare for the challenges they pose

£16.99 £15.29