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Christmas story The

  • Author J John

Helping adults share the true story of what happened at the very first Christmas with a new generation of children


Heroes of the faith

  • Author J John
  • Pub Date 08/09/2022

A coffee-table book bursting with beautiful imagery and captivating stories. This is a book to savour


Heroes of the faith vol 2

  • Author J John
  • Pub Date 01/09/2023

60 more testimonies of faith, sacrifice, love, generosity and perseverance


That's a good question

  • Author J John

A collection of 32 tricky questions which children commonly ask, with answers from J.John.


Will I be fat in heaven?

  • Author J John
  • Pub Date 05/11/2021

J.John answers thirty-eight questions that adults think and ask about God, the Bible, the world, and everything in-between