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Gospel according to John (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

  • Author D A Carson
  • Pub Date 15/02/1991

The acclaimed in-depth commentary for all who want to understand better the Gospel of John


Gospel according to Luke (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

  • Author James R Edwards
  • Pub Date 19/06/2015

This readable, relevant commentary attends to the linguistic, historical, literary, and theological elements of Luke that are essential to its meaning and considers Luke's significance for the church and the life of faith today


Letters of John 2nd edition (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

  • Author Colin G Kruse
  • Pub Date 06/08/2020

Updated commentary on the New Testament Letters of John


Paul's letter to the Romans (Pillar New Testament Commentaries)

  • Author Colin G Kruse
  • Pub Date 17/08/2012

Explains Romans to serious pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible.