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10 Study Guide The

  • Author Dr Robert Jeffress
  • Pub Date 28/11/2023

Study guide on the Ten Commandments that helps us determine how to live and love in a world that has lost its way


100 More Stand Alone Bible Studies

  • Author Penelope Wilcock
  • Pub Date 21/09/2018

Nurturing and nourishing your home group


13 Very amazing animals

  • Author Mikal Keefer
  • Pub Date 01/05/2018

Just add an adult or teenage leader to these easy-to-lead sessions to keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith!


Abiding in Christ (Lifebuilder)

  • Author J I Packer & Carolyn Nystrom
  • Pub Date 20/06/2017

These eight studies from the Gospel of John will draw you further into the peace, joy, love and fruitfulness of that life


Abraham (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Jack Kuhatschek
  • Pub Date 31/07/2021

Abraham chooses to believe God, embarking on a transforming, lifelong journey of faith and obedience


Alpha Youth discussion guide

  • Author Nicky Gumbel

Discussion guide for use with the Alpha Youth series


An extra mile study guide

  • Author Sharon Garlough Brown
  • Pub Date 05/03/2019

An eight week course of daily readings and reflections, together with weekly discussion questions and suggested practices for groups to do together


Angels (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Douglas Connelly
  • Pub Date 31/07/2018

8 studies that what the Bible says about God's angels and fallen angels


Apostles creed (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Alister McGrath
  • Pub Date 30/11/2018


Bad girls of the bible

  • Author Liz Curtis Higgs
  • Pub Date 16/07/2013

Ten of the Bible’s best-known femmes fatales parade across these pages with situations that sound oh-so-familiar


Barefoot study guide

  • Author Sharon Garlough Brown
  • Pub Date 05/03/2019

Twelve weeks of daily devotions with weekly discussion questions and practices for groups to do together


Being with - participant's handbook

  • Author Samuel Wells Sally Hitchener
  • Pub Date 30/09/2022

Participants guide for the Being with Course from Heart Edge

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