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1 and 2 Samuel (TOTC)

  • Author V Philips Long
  • Pub Date 16/04/2020

New commentary on the Old Testament books


1 Peter (TNTC)

  • Author Wayne Grudem
  • Pub Date 20/06/2024

Fully revised edition of Grudem's Tyndale New Testament Commentary on the letter of 1 Peter


Ephesians (TNTC)

  • Author Darrell L Bock
  • Pub Date 16/05/2019

A new commentary on the New Testament letter


Genesis (TOTC)

  • Author Andrew E Steinmann
  • Pub Date 18/07/2019

An excellent commentary on the first book of the Old Testament


Haggai Zechariah & Malachi (TOTC)

  • Author Andrew E Hill
  • Pub Date 20/07/2012

Shows how these books remain timely for the Christian church's worship and mission in the world


Hebrews (TNTC)

  • Author David G Peterson
  • Pub Date 19/11/2020

New commentary on the New Testament letter to the Hebrews


Letters of John The (TNTC)

  • Author John Stott
  • Pub Date 18/09/2009

In-depth commentary on the 3 letters of John from renowned theologian John Stott


Pastoral Epsitles (TNTC)

  • Author Osvaldo Padilla
  • Pub Date 22/09/2022

A comprehensive introduction to the Pastoral Epistles written to Timothy and Titus


Philippians (TNTC)

  • Author Jeannine K Brown
  • Pub Date 17/02/2022

A comprehensive introduction to Paul’s New Testament letter to the Philippians in this volume in the Tyndale New Testament Commentary series


Revelation TNTC

  • Author Ian Paul
  • Pub Date 19/04/2018

An excellent commentary on the last book of the New Testament


Romans (TNTC)

  • Author David E. Garland
  • Pub Date 16/09/2021

New commentary on the apostle Paul's New Testament letter to the Romans