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Art of celebration

  • Author Rend Collective
  • Pub Date 17/03/2014

Out of print - CD still available Click here for details


Beautiful scars

  • Author Merry Clayton

Merry Clayton is a living legend of unparalleled solar-powered vocal majesty, boldly bringing the Black American church experience across musical genres and styles


City of God

  • Author Leeland
  • Pub Date 30/04/2023

A fearless exploration of a pastoral and prophetic voice of worship where songs are sung together and over the people of God, reminding the Church to embody the hope of the City of God



  • Author Rivers & Robots
  • Pub Date 14/09/2018

Studio albuum from these artistically progressive worshippers whose aim is “making Jesus known through creative worship”


Lamb of God

  • Author Matt Redman
  • Pub Date 30/04/2023

Invites listeners into a shared experience of salvation that embraces the whole spectrum of beauty and suffering at its core


O peace

  • Author Josh Gauton
  • Pub Date 26/04/2019

features the singles Cathedral, Time's Not Wasted and Perfect Father


Still Vol 1

  • Author Rivers & Robots
  • Pub Date 21/04/2017


Wait The

  • Author David Leonard
  • Pub Date 17/05/2019

First solo album from the writer behind songs “Great Are You Lord,” “All The Poor and Powerless” and “God Who Moves The Mountains”